PHOTO BY ALBERT ROMAN Nick Cannon was the host of the sold out Wild ‘N Out event at Colden Auditorium on March 13

Nick Cannon presents a wild night at QC

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PHOTO BY ALBERT ROMAN Nick Cannon was the host of the sold out Wild ‘N Out event at Colden Auditorium  on March 13
Nick Cannon was the host of the sold out Wild ‘N Out event at Colden Auditorium
on March 13

Queens College students and guests joined the cast of MTV’s comedy series Wild N’ Out at the Kupferberg Center
Theater on March 13.

Wild N’ Out first aired on MTV in 2005. The hip-hop themed comedy show features various celebrity guest stars including rappers and comedians, who participate in improve games and rap battles.

Rapper and record producer Nick Cannon along with DJ D-Wrek, who has been a regular on the show since season one, hosted the sold out show. Various comedians performed stand up routines including Chico Bean, Karlous Miller, Matt Rife, Rip Micheals and DC Young Fly.

This was one of the most successful events of the semester.

“The outcome was spectacular,” Ziv Cohen said, treasurer of the Student Association. “We didn’t expect to sell more than 1500-1600 seats [and] ended up selling out!”

The event was a collaboration between QC Student Life and the Kupferberg Center for the Arts. NY Community Bank sponsored the event.

Cohen would like to thank Student Life, the Kupferberg directors and the Student Association for their hard work and team efforts.

“We have a pretty diverse student body and we had a great audience. QC is coming in strong, we’re being put on the map,” junior Nigel Baker, who attended the event, said.

Nick Cannon first took the stage, and made the crowd laugh with his humor. All the comedians heavily incorporated their love for hip-hop in the sketches.

“The show was amazing. Everything was natural, unique and real hip hop,” Anthony Williams, a BMCC student, said.

Wild N’ Out’s high attendance at QC was one of many events students believed would draw more attention to the college. Kayleen Estevez, a freshman, even had a chance to be on stage with the cast during the final sketch.

“QC does a good job involving the students in the fun. We’re not just sitting there; we’re getting on the stage. It was cool to interact with people you thought would be too famous to let you next to them,” Estevez said.

The diverse crowd consisted of CUNY and non-CUNY students in addition to QC faculty and staff. Among the audience were President Felix Rodriguez, Director of Student Life John Andrejack and Associate Director of Student Life Judy Krinitz.

“I thought that the audience absolutely loved the event,” Andrejack said. “The performers worked very hard to put on a really good show and Jeffrey Rosenstock, executive director of the Kupferberg Center for the Arts, did a great job encouraging students to work with the theater.”

The future for upcoming events is looking bright for Queens College.

“Sunday night opened the door for only bigger and better things. From Omarion [at] the beginning of the year to Wild N’ Out. QC social life has been nothing short of sensational,” said Cohen.

The Wild N’ Out cast ended their visit taking pictures with the hardworking members of student association then spending the rest of the night in Astoria, Queens.


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