QC Knight Rowland reflects on basketball career

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Queens College women’s basketball player Madison Rowland is a media studies senior. Rowland has been playing for organized basketball teams since the third grade.

Rowland has been awarded National Player of the Year along with being the first player in NCAA history, divisions 1, 2, & 3, to have 2000 points, 1,000 rebounds, 400 assists, 400 steals and 100 blocks.

“That was exciting because it was my first time receiving that award,” Rowland said.

Heavily influenced by her family to pursue a career in basketball, she was no stranger to sports. Growing up in a household where both her parents were very athletic, she and her four siblings developed a passion for basketball. She attended the games that her dad professionally coached, such as The Albany Patroons. She and her family also have a Christmas tradition where they spend the night watching all the NBA games on T.V.

“It’s been in my family for years,” she said. “All of us, me and my four siblings, play or played college Basketball. My dad played professional basketball and my mom ran division one track so they make it easy to look up to them in sports.”

Her passion for the sport also motivated her into always working hard and never allowing herself to give up. She has disciplined herself to be efficient in managing her time with such an overloaded schedule. Skillful enough to prioritize her academics and make victorious wins, she led the Queens College Knights to their first NCAA East Region.

“We recently won the East Region for the first time in school history, so that was exciting,” she continued. “ It’s something me and my whole team are very proud of.”

That was one of the many accomplishments the phenomenal player has yet to acquire as well. She also landed a position in the Women’s National Basketball Association in the upcoming week in Dallas. She will be taking part in many games where WNBA coaches and agents will be watching her.

As a senior media studies major, Rowland anticipates she will graduate this spring. It was very challenging for her to juggle so many different task at once, but she made sure she didn’t neglect her education, working hard at earning her bachelor’s degree.

“I have such a strong love for the sport. It’s hard but I manage,” she continued. “It’s very demanding playing college basketball, so finding the balance of basketball, school and a social life was the biggest struggle.”

Rowland continues to inspire many others with her posi- tivity, perseverance and love for basketball. She has gained an incredible amount of success and has been offered many opportunities that can potentially help start her sports career. With great diligence and respect, she has made an enormous impact on the women’s basketball team and made Queens College history.

“If they really love the game it’s all worth it,” Rowland said regarding her fellow student athletes. “It’ll be hard to manage time but it is definitely worth it. Just make a schedule and follow it.”

Photo by Brendan Ormsby

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