Fenty Beauty embraces representation in the beauty industry

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Rihanna caters to women of all colors with the launch of her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. The collection, which was released on September 8th, was a massive success met with positivity for its representation of skin color. For years the beauty industry has disregarded diversity of the consumer market, creating products to accommodate only a small portion of the population. Fenty Beauty defeats the cliches of the makeup industry, being one of the few beauty collections that embraces diversity, and ensures its products will appeal to every skin shade.   

The Fenty Beauty collection contains primers, highlighters, shimmers, blotting powder, lip luminizers, and brushes. The focal point of the collection, however, is the soft matte foundation which comes in 40 different shades, ranging from ultra-light to deep skin tones, making it suitable for a broad demographic. Not only does the foundation match a variety of skin tones, but also provides a high-quality feel,  that is lightweight and provides good coverage for the price of 34 dollars.

Prior to the release of the collection, the beauty industry was unsure of how well the darkest shades would sell, however at the launch of Fenty Beauty, the darkest shades were the first to be sold out in stores. This challenged the nature of the beauty industry, and their belief that it isn’t beneficial to focus on products which appeal to dark-skinned people.  

With Fenty Beauty, Rihanna has set off a social movement aimed to increase self-esteem. People around the world are posting on Instagram and YouTube to share their positive experiences with Fenty Beauty, sharing how they were affected emotionally by a collection that gave recognition to everyone.

Consumers strive to put out the ideal image of what society thinks is “beautiful,” creating products that are often geared towards achieving an unattainable look. The fact that Fenty Beauty encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin is uplifting, as Rihanna revolutionizes the beauty industry. People hope that the launch of Fenty Beauty has motivated other brands to expand the consumer market that they have been appealing to for several years.  

Gabrielle Jean-Louis, a sophomore English major who hosts her own beauty and lifestyle  Youtube channel titled “Eternity Stone,” shares this sentiment. “I can strongly tell the Fenty Beauty team took their time to create a line that cares to all types of skin tones and skin types. Not only does this line apply beautifully to the skin, but it allows the beauty of the individual to be the star of the show. I especially love its affordability, the textures and finish of every product feels as if it could have cost a fortune, but in fact the line is incredibly affordable. This beauty line is for every skin, every shade, every texture and every tone. This is what beauty should be and every beauty line should be taking notes.”

To add on to the success of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna plans to release a holiday collection of the line. It is thus far known to include a lustrous eyeshadow palette with 14 shades of metallic, bold and shimmering colors. The new collection will also contain lipsticks, lip glosses, and liquid eyeliners, all of which come in eye catching galaxy themed packaging, holding names such as Lip Glitter and Cosmic Gloss. People are eager to get their hands on the Galaxy Collection of Fenty Beauty, dropping on October 13th.

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