Fashion in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

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The 100-day countdown has already begun for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games that will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. People all across the world are looking forward to the games and the Olympic fashion. The recent trends of sports clothing seen in streetwear have increased the attention towards what Olympic athletes will wear during the winter games.

Olympic fashion is making headlines as designers begin to release their Olympic clothing collection. On February 25,, Polo Ralph Lauren released Team USA’s uniform for the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The outfit includes navy pants with red stripes, red, white and blue patriotic sweaters, red-laced boots, wool gloves and hats.

The statement piece in their collection is a white puffer jacket with the American flag on the sleeve. The clothing line isn’t exclusively for Olympic athletes, as the Polo Ralph Lauren Team USA Collection will be available at certain stores in December.  

Nike has also unveiled Olympic fashion clothing with the release of the various team hockey jerseys. Nike has transformed the look of jerseys by changing the size and appearance of the font and numbers. The details on the jersey are sharp, and certain edges have a shiny metallic base that represents the hockey skate blade.

Instead of stitching large patches of the country flag, the jersey has a smaller badge made with a lighter material. The main goal of all the jerseys was to increase ventilation and make them more breathable for all of the Olympians.

Nike designed hockey jerseys for Team USA, Canada, South Korea and Russia, to name just a few. Team USA’s jersey holds a modern, aesthetically pleasing look to it. The design includes bald eagle feathers on the sleeves and on the neck lining of the jersey reads the American national anthem quote, “Land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Burton’s brand uniform for the United States snowboarding team is definitely exciting. The theme of Burton’s Olympic clothing line is outer space. The collection includes a fleece jacket and pant, gloves, knit hat and insulated shirts inspired by NASA’s signature “moonbeam” and “international orange” color.

The center of attention in Burton’s Olympic collection is the one piece white snow suit with red stripes, and an American flag patch on the sleeve. The snowsuit designed for the snowboarders is inspired by the NASA astronaut space suit. Burton claimed that the purpose of the space theme is to motivate the athletes to go beyond everyone’s expectations.

Fashion may not be the first thing our eyes are drawn to in the Olympics games, however it does play a major role. A uniform has the ability to positively affect an Olympian’s level of confidence in front of a crowd of millions.

Furthermore, athletes claim that when they look good, they feel good. The competition continues to grow stronger as designers try to create the perfect uniform that functions well and is aesthetically pleasing. The anticipation continues as people across the globe eagerly wait and see which designer will create the best look for the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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