The QC women’s fencing team prepares for season opening

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The QC Women’s Fencing team is currently preparing for their upcoming competition at Vassar College. Practice is ongoing, with Greg Rupp as the team’s esteemed coach. There are many new talented students joining the team this year, so this should be a great season not to be missed.

Since early October, practice has begun. The team is made up of 9 girls, 3 for each weapon. Epee, Foil, and Sabre are the three weapons used in fencing, each with a different style of fighting. Every semester, at least one new student joins the team. Fencing is a sport that is difficult to adjust to, but over time one is able to learn the movements and enjoy the learning experience.

Every athlete has their own style when it comes to fencing. Some like to attack quickly, while others wait patiently until they find the opportunity to strike. Over time, with practice, the fencer will begin to find their own true style.

Sabrina Decopain, Foil Captain, spoke excitedly about the upcoming competition, “The QC women’s fencing team under Greg Rupp is very excited to start competing this winter season. Our practices have been very intense. We’ve been really focusing on technique, footwork and strategy during practice more than ever before. When it comes time to step on the strip against our opponents, everyone is confident enough to put all they have in them to fight and pull out a win for Queens College.”

Last semester, Fencing Olympian, Ibtihaj Muhammad, visited the QC campus. The team was lucky enough to meet with Muhammad and were able to hear some words of wisdom. Hearing from an honored fencing Olympian was inspiring for the team, and gave them the determination they needed to play in their upcoming matches.

This season especially, the team continues to work hard and improve each day with practice. There is always room for improvement, and the team certainly develops their great plays through their matches. The QC environment makes it easy for the team to practice freely, and have fun. Fencing also helps reduce stress, which is perfect when exams are approaching.

The first competition will be on Nov. 12. As the date approaches, the women work harder and become more committed to their practices. Previous matches have been full of surprises, as well as their many share of victories. This season is sure to be fantastic, as there is no doubt that the team will make QC proud. Go Knights!


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