10 Reasons Why Political Complacency is Not an Option –Part 1, 1-5

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The following is Part 1of a two-part series. Both articles highlight the cause and effect of each listed reason as to why political complacency is not an option.

1- Reality and facts are being manipulated so frequently that they are on the verge of becoming eradicated. Not good. Setting this precedence and perpetuating the practice is dangerous –like the Salem witch trials dangerous, where anyone can fall victim to an angry mob that bears false witness. Pizzagate anyone? The truth being made to be irrelevant is a precursor to anarchy. If unchallenged, we forfeit a civilization guided by truth, reason, justice, safety, and other such reassurances that have been, to this point, reliable and central to a properly functioning and just society.

2- The longer the bar is lowered the greater the risk is that that we, as a nation and society, will not be able to rebound. To many, the political absurdity is a passing stage or blemish that goes away with the presidential election cycles of four to eight years. This too shall pass? Not quite. Here is the problem with waiting for the dust to settle: Unfortunately, the policies enacted during that period, as well as the reprehensible norms that emerge, often have a terrible effect that might not be immediately visible. Instead, they become systemic and take root into our culture because we trivialized and passively dismissed the behavior. What if the next batch of elementary school kids started to mimic the behaviors of what they see from the President –things like lashing out at any and every one who has a different opinion than yours?

3- Shrinking back from the world stage leaves a hole that other countries will rush to fill… and will not relinquish. Trump’s “America first” tagline sounds good doesn’t it? Do you know who else thinks it sounds good? –Every other nation on the planet that would like to try increase their influence by assuming the void that’s left when the most powerful nation on Earth decides to say “hey…you guys play. We’ll be over here shrinking our global influence and respectability while perpetuating the myth that industrial-based jobs are coming back!” The truth is that globalization is inevitable and we cannot afford to lose our country’s positioning while other nations “have at it.” By “it,” I mean market share, or first dibs at constantly emerging revenue streams. If you think that jobs have dried up here to some degree, imagine what it will be like when jobs dry up globally because they’re filled with the employees from all of the other nations.

4- The life of a democracy has always been directly dependent on public vigilance and action. With so many other democracies in history (many lasting a lot longer than that of our own to this point), the mechanism that keeps it healthy and striving is an involved people. We are the ones that elect and eject our politicians –not them and not corporations. It’s our most basic and important civic duty and without this, democracies fail.

5- Many have served to protect this nation from harm and tyranny but the armed forces cannot help us when the threat is from within. Your country needs you to protect it. They are relying on you to align yourself with the “better angels” and righteous values that continue to make this country worth fighting for. It’s time to come back out of the shadows and push back against trolls, racism, bullying, and faulty logic.

Be sure to check out the next publication as we conclude our list with reasons 5-10.

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