“Meets the Greeks” Shines (Once Again) for Fall Recruitments

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As a new semester begins, Queens College sororities and fraternities prepare for what is arguably the most crucial time for their organizations: new member recruitment. Without an influx of new students to recruit, both freshmen and transfers alike, QCs Greek community would cease to exist.


To promote all of the diverse organizations on campus, Inter-Greek Council (otherwise known as IGC) organizes an annual showcase in which each group has the opportunity to give potential new members insight into their values and philanthropies before presenting a short performance. The event has proven to be a success, as active members of Greek life are able to mingle with those interested in potentially rushing an organization, while promoting the close-knit community that QC’s sororities and fraternities offer, as well as their groups individually.


On September 12, IGC hosted this year’s “Meet the Greeks,” and it proved itself to be just as successful as in years past. The Greek community at QCis represented by 13 diverse organizations, both nationally recognized and local. With roughly 200 members in total, the presentation is an excellent way to show the QC student body and faculty the positive effects of Greek life in the midst of many scandals and cries for the end of sororities and fraternities, as well as introduce new members to facets of Greek life that they might not have been able to appreciate before.


The event was hosted by Melody Paniagua, the Assistant Director of Student Development and Leadership, as well as members of QC’s IGC’s executive board. Before each performance, the hosts read a short blurb introducing the organization that was about to take the stage, as well as the morals, values and philanthropies each group was centered around. Performances ranged from skits, to songs and danceseach met with deafening applause and cheers from the audience.


Vice President Alex Botta of Sigma Delta Tau sorority shared her thoughts on “Meet the Greeks,” “I think it’s fun because you get to see the hidden talents of the people in each organization. You get to know more about their style, and it’s a way to get you hyped up and have fun with everyone [in Greek life], not just your own org.”


While some might think singing or dancing in front of an audience is nerve wracking, the sororities and fraternities never fail to rise to the occasion and put together something outstanding and attention-grabbing.


“We performed a Backstreet Boys song,” said Luis Has, a brother of Kappa Sigma fraternity. “Obviously, no one was actually trying, but it made everyone laugh and it was a lot of fun to do. We definitely wanted to do something to grab everyone’s attention, and I think we did.”


For some organizations rooted in their cultural identity, “Meet the Greeks” is an opportunity to showcase dances that have significance to their founders, as well as the rich history of the organization. These dances, known as stepping or strolling, are traditional to many multicultural Greek and black Greek-letter organizations, and are “a dance-like art form that involves the precise rhythmic choreography of stomping, clapping, chanting and singing, all in one.” The sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. took the stage with their performance which involved a chant describing the founding of the sorority nationally, as well as the founding of the QC chapter on June 2, 1980.


Not only was “Meet the Greeks” a wonderful opportunity for members of QC’s Greek life community to interact with and recruit new members, but it proved to be a chance for fellow Greeks to mingle with one another, share the importance of their organization personally, and serve as a reminder that regardless of the letters we wear on our chests, we all serve the same purpose to our community.


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