Ariana and Pete are over: Adding sweetener to heartbreak

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No tears left to cry.


There may be just a few left for Ariana Grande after her sudden split with her ex-fiancé, and SNL cast member, Pete Davidson. The couple called it quits after getting engaged in June last month, after a whirlwind romance.

The last year and a half have been anything but sweet to Grande, 25, who was left traumatized after a suicide bombing attack during her concert at Britain’s Manchester Arena in May of 2017; Grande suffered from PTSD after the horrific event, struggling to adjust at home when she returned from tour.

This past September came with another emotional trauma, when Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died from an apparent overdose. Though Grande and Miller ended their two year relationship in May of 2018,  she had nothing but heartfelt things to say following the rapper’s untimely death.“I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen, and I always will,” the songstress wrote in an Instagram post following Miller’s death.

It should come as no surprise that Miller’s death would be the final blow to disrupt the paradise of Grande and Davidson’s fleeting romance, which progressed rather quickly from its unexpected inception. The couple had recently moved into a $16 million apartment in Manhattan — suggesting that things were expected to be more long term.

Davidson recently spoke out about the break up on last Saturday’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”  He began the segment by directly referencing the upcoming election and the sudden move he had to make out of the apartment he shared with Grande.

“The midterm elections are obviously a huge deal, and after I had to move back in with my mom, I started paying attention,” he said.

Davidson paused for dramatic effect, prompting the audience to roar with laughter, as the remark was obviously a dig at Grande. To add salt to the wound, Davidson mock-proposed to the shows musical guest, Maggie Rogers. When she denied the proposal, Davidson sneered at the screen saying “0 for 3,” alluding to his failed attempts at getting successfully married.

But, the popstar was anything but tame with her clap-back at Davidson; after catching wind of the SNL joke, Grande took to Twitter to address the matter. She tweeted, “for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.”

Not too long after the SNL fiasco, the singer released her single “Thank u, next.” The song is a breathy delivery of the lessons Grande’s exes have taught her; instead of wallowing in the regret of her failed relationships, Grande sashays away from the drama with a newfound sense of confidence and identity, embracing the evolution she is undergoing as she navigates through being newly single.

Grande has been radiating with grace after the breakup with Davidson. She took to Twitter to share a reflective thought on her tumultuous year. She wrote, “what an interesting, challenging, painful and yet beautiful and exciting chapter of life ….. when it rains it pours but I’m embracing all of it. I’m excited for whatever the universe has in store for me. she’s growing n she’s grateful.”

QC students had plenty to say on the topic. Freshman psychology major Michael Tacuri commented, “The engagement came as a shock to me initially, hearing that they split up sort of aligned with the typical societal notion that getting married young never works out.” Senior psychology major Jaskiran Kaur agreed, stating, “ It seemed like such a sweet natural love story you know? I’m absolutely in awe of her maturity post-breakup though.” Senior psychology major Monica Ramirez added, “ Personally, I feel that the breakup can be attributed to the late Mac Miller’s passing, as well as being in the public spotlight.”


Ultimately, Grande seems to be learning that the spotlight is going to settle upon every aspect of her personal life, and she has no intention of trying to escape it. The singer has stunned many with her lyrical confessions on how to move on — and through — unfortunate events in her life. Whether it’s love, patience or pain, one thing is for sure — Grande is growing up. She is teaching her fans the value of finding the most important relationship to hold onto: one’s relationship with oneself.


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