Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot: The future of frozen desserts hits Queens College

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Have you noticed the new machine in the Dining Hall, next to the Knights Diner? Queens College added a Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot at the beginning of the school year. Reis & Irvy’s has been racking up buyers for its new, chilly and delicious frozen yogurt.


This new frozen yogurt machine is the future of food services with its robotic features that distribute the yogurt and the toppings automatically.  According to Reis & Irvy’s, “robotics is changing the way we do business forever. And we’re quite certain you’ll want to do more than just sit on the sidelines and watch this disruptive technology take hold.”


Reis & Irvy’s automated system is controlled at the tap of a finger. The touch screen lets you pick your yogurt flavor, which can be vanilla, chocolate or a twist of both. You get to also pick your cup size for the yogurt: regular (4$) and large (5$). You also have the option of picking two free toppings, which includes options like rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, Reese’s pieces, granola, Fruity Pebbles and mini M&M’s. Each additional topping is 1$ extra. This system is easy to control and very clean, as it is enclosed from the air outside of its machine.


This machine takes up very little space and has so many options to pick from. It is quickly becoming the go-to place on campus for ordering a fresh cup of frozen yogurt when you’re craving something sweet.


Many people are excited for the new yogurt machine. Sophomore finance major, Maria D’Angelo, loves it. D’Angelo, who ordered vanilla yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, states that, “The price was totally reasonable and the interface was so easy to use.” She also likes where the machine is located on campus. D’Angelo further comments how she wishes the new machine, “Had more fruity yogurt flavors and accepted the campus’ meal plans.” Junior media studies major, Melissa D’Angelo, who loved the chocolate frozen yogurt with M&M’s and rainbow sprinkles, said, “It was a really cool experience but pretty expensive just for frozen yogurt.” Melissa D’Angelo agreed she would try it again if she was with someone who hadn’t tried it.


She commented how it is “good marketing to draw people to use the machine, but people won’t go there for long considering the price for a small cup.” D’Angelo also said the machine should have “new frozen yogurt flavors” and “work faster since there’s usually a long line.” Junior Finance major, Elizabeth D’Angelo, loved the new frozen yogurt machine. She agrees the price was reasonable and wanted to “reward [herself] for going through all my classes.”


Elizabeth D’Angelo loved the visuals they played while waiting for the frozen yogurt, affirming that “it was entertaining.”  She agrees she wishes there were more flavors and that the machine “should be able to serve more people at once.”


After trying the futuristic machine, I agree that it was a really cool experience to use the machine for the first time. I liked the idea that it is sanitary, as it is enclosed from the outside air. It helps prevent the cross contamination of food that can be quite dangerous to those with allergies.  I believe the price was a bit expensive for a regular cup, but it was a really fun one-time experience. It was an outstanding experience and is the future of frozen yogurt. Next time you are craving something sweet on campus, try the Reis & Irvy’s automated frozen yogurt machine.


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