Photo by Yarah Shabana

Success comes to event highlighting breast cancer awareness

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Photo by Yarah Shabana
Photo by Yarah Shabana

Queens College students and clubs helped organize an event to raise awareness on breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

Students gathered in front of the Student Union on Oct. 15 surrounded by a pink storm of t-shirts, ribbons, turbans, pins and more to support Breast Cancer with all profits to the American Cancer Society. Signature goods were sold along with cookies and henna art. This multi-cultural event raised over $1,500 and lasted for two consecutive Wednesdays.

“It was pretty amazing to see how everyone came together,” Jap Singh, the event’s main organizer, said. “It allowed everyone to look past the differences we have such as race and religion and unite under a common goal, which was bigger than our differences.”

Events on campus, organized by clubs on campus, previously dealt with important issues in society. For example, donations were raised for refugees escaping from Syria or raising awareness for victims of Guantanamo Bay.

For this event, organizations and clubs from Student Association to the Sikh Club, contributed to this event, which ended with great results.

“Last year we raised about $900 and this year [it was] $1,500 with the second part of the fundraiser to come,” Singh said.

The idea of the event began when the Sikh Club intended on doing a turban and henna event, where the latter refers to dye used for body art. Singh decided to combine both into one for a bigger cause.

“I was given a platform to actually make a difference. We were brainstorming on potential events we can do, and, since it was October, I thought ‘Why not something forb reast cancer?’ Everyone on the team was on board and we continued to list different fundraising methods to raise the most amount of money for the cause,” Singh said.

Students, meanwhile, enjoyed the entire event outside the Student Union and gave donations as well.

“There was a lot of energy,” Rezwana Khan, a senior, said. “People were participating in dances, were very friendly, energetic and I had a great time. There were many people who came and bought things. We definitely got awareness out.”

George Titomihelakis, president of Project Sunshine, agreed the turnout for the event was large.

“There was a lot of people who came out to support and a lot of people got involved. [It was] definitely very multi-cultural, very supportive of the cause and spreading awareness for breast cancer. It was [also] run very efficiently, the bake sale went well and had a few speakers from the American Cancer Society. Overall, it was a great event and we definitely made an impact at Queens College,” Titomihelakis said.

Singh highlighted how this would not be the last time such an event will take place on campus.

“Seeing last year’s results really blew me away and I knew we had to do it again, but bigger,” Singh said. “I hope this is continues to be an annual event for years to come.”

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