Athlete Spotlight: Emgi Gousse leads the charge

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The Queens College Knights men’s soccer team, which missed out on making the playoffs last season, has started off well so far in the 2017-18 season going 3-3 to begin the year. A major part of the team’s early success comes from the play of sophomore forward Emgi Gousse.

Gousse has been nothing short of impressive this year. In just six games he is already leading the East Coast Conference with seven goals, while also remaining in first place in points with 15, which already surpasses his totals from last season.

When asked about what has been the biggest factor in his improved play and how he can develop even further, Gousse gave credit to his hard work throughout the offseason.

“Just working out hard during the summer and improving my game after last season” he said. “High school was easy to me, and I thought college would be the same.”

Gousse, despite finishing tied for second on the team in points in 2016, had multiple games with zero points and no goals. This year he has only had one such game and has performed on a more consistent basis compared to last year.

His on-the-field success is made much sweeter due to the fact that soccer is the game that he has loved all his life. When asked about his first experience with soccer he said “I remember having a soccer ball the moment I could walk, soccer has impacted my life.”

Gousse explained how soccer has motivated him to accomplish tasks both on the field and in the classroom. It has made him demand more from himself which he welcomes because of the pressure he knows he has.

In addition to the expectations Gousse has as the leading point and goal scorer on his soccer team, he is an older brother to three younger brothers, which comes with a great deal of responsibilities as well.

Gousse understands that he has to be a leader on the field and at home and welcomes it considering he has faced even greater challenges in his life.

Being born in Haiti, Gousse experienced and survived the devastating earthquake that rocked the country back in 2010. He remembered vividly that his family even considered coming to the United States prior to the earthquake.

That experience showed him how to be grateful for being alive, being able to play the game he loves, and to have his family.

With this combination of overcoming disaster and facing pressure, Gousse continues to practice hard, play harder and make sure he excels in the classroom as much as he does on the soccer field. Which spells good news for a team looking to become a powerhouse in the ECC and it seems they have the right guy to lead that charge.

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