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Enrollment Rate Increases as Queens College Paves the Way for Public Education

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Queens College, currently in its 82nd year since inception, is proud to announce its record-breaking rise in undergraduate enrollment. Since last year, there has been a 17% increase in enrollment and a 33% increase over the last decade. This suggests that incoming freshmen are finding QC to be a more desirable school to attend. QC has also been ranked as one of the nation’s best and most affordable undergraduate institutions according to the Princeton Review, Money, Forbes and U.S. News & World Report’s best college lists. 

There are many different factors that have played a role in the accumulation of respect QC has garnered and the allure it possesses. Whether it be the faculty, consisting of research scholars turned professors, growing career and development resources, low cost tuition, diverse student body or quality of education, there are a plethora of reasons that make QC stand out in the realm of higher education. 

According to Vice President of Enrollment and Student Retention Richard Alvarez, the most enticing thing about a school tends to be the opportunities it offers to its students aimed toward their current and future success. He is a proud advocate of the QC Foundation, which works “with alums in a philanthropic way to garner resources.” Whether it be providing internship stipends, funding scholarships, hosting career-ready mentorship programs or investing in new technology, the non-profit is committed to fostering a community of students that are well equipped with the tools they need to prepare them for the workforce.

QC has also been working toward expanding its areas of study for students that have diverse interests and talents and hiring new faculty to help lead those ventures. On a graduate level, accelerated master’s programs have been introduced along with advanced certificates in risk management, actuarial studies and educational leadership. Undergrads also now have the ability to attain a BFA in photography and imaging or minor in LGBTQ studies or urban planning.

Alvarez, whose day revolves around maintaining QC’s accessibility and resourcefulness, is certain that the investment in student support plays a key role. He believes that the “NYS Excelsior Scholarship, 2017 launch of ‘QC in 4’ and several other college completion initiatives that have taken place across the university have made this school an appealing place for families.” 

Additionally, for Alvarez, the shift in narrative surrounding public education has made him hopeful for the future because for a long time as he says, “the perception has been if you go to CUNY you would never be able to graduate on time, but we have been able to successfully change that conversation.” 

Alvarez has made it clear that our status as a public institution “does not mean we have any less of a responsibility to provide an exceptional experience. To us, every student counts.” QC’s goal has always been to provide the best service it can to its students and faculty, and although there is always room for improvement, the future’s looking bright.

If you have any concerns/suggestions regarding enrollment or the student experience, feel free to reach out to the Office of Enrollment and Student Retention in Kiely Hall 1305. You can also contact Alvarez directly at

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